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Make a Financial Commitment to AHCC

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How can I make a financial commitment to AHCC?

Thy kingdom come; thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. In this short phrase, Jesus called down God’s heavenly realm, and all the power and miracles that lie within, to dwell within our very hearts, lives, and actions.

At Asylum Hill Congregational Church, with Jesus’ words as our inspiration, we do the work of Kingdom-building – locally, nationally, and globally. Some acts have been small, while others have been grandiose, but regardless of scale, everything has had transformational impact.

And we want to keep going. We must keep going! Our mission and ministry depend on YOU – which is why we ask you to participate in AHCC’s Annual Giving Campaign. We need your support and your financial commitment to continue the work of Kingdom-building … on earth as it is in heaven!

There are three ways to make your financial commitment to support the work of AHCC. 

Recurring Gifts

A predictable source of funds allows continued support of existing programs as well as new innovative programs that may be created during the year. A recurring gift is made through your bank or credit card and is set up to recur weekly or monthly.

Annual Commitment

An annual commitment, or what used to be referred to as a pledge, is a promise to make a financial contribution for the current fiscal year.

Special One-time Gift

Make a special gift to the church any time you decide.


Glenn Olson at or 860.216.9833.