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Justice in Action (JIA)

Climate Change Rally

Our Mission

To bring justice-related issues to the attention of the congregation – to educate, advocate and, when appropriate, to urge members to take direct action addressing injustices in our community

Justice in Action (JIA) is an AHCC affinity group that works “to be the change we want to see in the world.” Formerly known as Step Up, Step Out: Promoting Justice, Nonviolence, and Fairness for All, the group was formed in 2013 by concerned congregants in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. The name and mission of the group were updated in 2021 to better align with the needs of the AHCC community.

JIA organizes and attends peaceful rallies, vigils, and marches, and hosts numerous forums, book and movie discussions on topics such as systemic racism, and has partnered with other churches and community groups such as Mothers United Against Violence (MUAV),Community Partners in Action (CPA) and Greater Hartford Interreligious Action Alliance (GHIAA).

JIA hosts a series of programs called Justice in Action Presents. These programs are open to all interested participants with the purpose of educating and promoting engagement. As people of faith, we believe we are called to be an inclusive and accepting community that welcomes difficult conversations, listens, and learns with open hearts and minds. As such, these programs welcome all viewpoints. JIA Presents programs have included GHIAA-supported legislative initiatives, AHCC’s Racial Justice Activation Team, fair housing and income inequality issues, and climate change. 

To learn more about this group, please contact AHCC member, Nancy Kirchmyer at