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About Us

Helping people grow in faith and love as disciples of Jesus

Asylum Hill Congregational Church (AHCC) is an active, energetic urban church that is open to and affirming of all God’s people. We strive to make our services, events, programs, and facilities available to all as part of our commitment to inclusivity. 

And while our membership is large (around 1200 members), we are, at our core, just a group of loving and fun-loving people who want to explore what it means to be Christian in the world today and eager to learn what God has in store for us.

AHCC is a member of the United Church of Christ (UCC), and just as churches within the UCC have differing positions and beliefs, so do individual members of AHCC. We see this as one the greatest blessings and strengths of our church! Our diversity, in all the ways that diversity is possible, is what allows us to learn and grow as humans and as Christians.