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Faith Lab

Faith Lab Kids is our faith formation program for elementary-age students. We meet in the Chapel on Sundays during service at 10am. It is a program developed upon the idea that we are at our best when we are together. We believe the experience we have with each other is as important as the content, and often experiencing it together provides more excitement and passion to grow. Our Minister of Early Life creates the content and interact, experience, and work with a volunteer team to bring quality care to our children.

Our method is an interactive program in a large group setting that appeals to both high-energy learners and quiet learners by creating a program in two distinct stages: Love & Action

Mixed age group of children with adult leader

Stage One: Love

Stage one focuses on love from God and for each other, where all students, kindergarten through fifth grade, come together with our Middle School Youth Group for a mix of high-energy, hands-on programming and quiet thoughtful moments. The goal is to spark curiosity about God, life, faith, and kindness-in-action through self-care training, questions, Scripture, object lessons, songs, games, and a whole lot of fun! These aspects of Faith Lab serve as the motivation for the second, hands-on experience.

Mixed age group of children with adult leader

Stage Two: Action

Stage two focuses on practicing together how to bring kindness into everyday life. We take the topic in our previous stage and work together on a project that fits that topic. Decorating caring notes for homebound persons, collecting donations for food pantries, learning calming breath habits for self-care, and courage building are just some of the examples of bringing love into action in everyday life.