Faith Lab

Faith Lab meets Sunday at 10am

Mixed age group of children with adult leader

Faith Lab for Holy Troublemakers

Faith Lab for Holy Troublemakers is our faith formation program for elementary age students. It is a program developed as a result of a lesson learned during the pandemic – we are at our best when we are together. We believe the experience we have with each other is as important as the content, and often experiencing it together provides more excitement and passion to grow. Our Minister of Early Life and Director of Children and Youth Programs regularly interact with the students each week, and visits from our Senior Minister and Minister of Later Life provide connections to caring church leaders.

Our method is an interactive program in a large group setting that appeals to both high energy learners and quiet learners by creating a program in two distinct stages:

Faith Lab

Stage one is Faith Lab, where all students, kindergarten through fifth grade, come together with our Middle School Youth Group for a high energy program. The goal is to spark curiosity about God, life, faith, and kindness in action through “mystery” questions, Scripture, unique science-based object lessons, songs, games, and a whole lot of fun! These aspects of Faith Lab serve as an introduction to the second, more in-depth experience. 

Holy Troublemakers Story Time

Stage two is Holy Troublemakers story time. Elementary age students settle down to hear a story of a real-life person who is creating positive change in the world. The story ties into the Scripture verse from Faith Lab and provides time for focused discussion and expression with the students. 

Faith Lab science

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