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Confirmation Class meets regularly from September-March.

group of young teens seated around a table

Understanding, Friendships, Adventure

In eighth grade, students are encouraged to join the Confirmation Class. Here they are invited to develop friendships within the church and explore their faith more deeply.

By participating in some amazing experiences, Confirmands will begin making their own conscious choices to:

  • Receive a big-picture understanding of Christianity and AHCC’s expression of it
  • Develop friendships within the class as another group of caring peers
  • See life as an adventure where they can make a positive impact in the world together

Those choices will lead many of the students to “confirm” that they want to continue growing in those three areas as members of AHCC. There is interactive class time to ask questions, think through their own life, and experience the practices of faith, service, and community at their level of understanding. Confirmands experience moments of connection, serve meals to those in need in Hartford, and write a Statement of Faith reflecting on their belief and self-discovery. 

Confirmation class is the launching pad for students to grasp a hold of their spiritual journey and continue that journey into High School Youth Group and daily life.