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Small Groups

Small groups are an essential part of building community. By participating in small groups, AHCC members can develop deep relationships with one another and grow closer to God through spiritual growth and friendship. Small groups come in many shapes, a variety of sizes, and serve a variety of interests. One of the many ways to grow in engagement is through participation in small groups.

Groups typically have anywhere from four to twelve members and meet regularly as determined by the members of the group. Groups can form around interest in a specific topic or theme like Bible study or social justice; activities or interests such as quilting, creating Prayer Shawls, hiking, or film discussion; life issues or identities such as retirement, living with grief, or caring for an aging parent; or can be a group of people interested in speaking with others on a regular basis about wide-ranging topics that arise organically.

We are always open to hearing new ideas for Small Groups! If you are looking to connect with a small group or start a new one, please reach out to the church office at 860.525.5696.

young adult

Young Adult Group

AHCC’s Young Adult Group meets monthly at a fun venue in Hartford as well as for special gatherings and social events.

Please contact Rev. Jordan Bucey for more information.

Prayer Group

Women’s Ministries

The Women’s Spirituality and Fellowship Committee (WSF) is a group of AHCC women of all ages and in various stages of life who gather together to share experiences and to plan programs and events that will enhance our lives as spiritual women, including an annual off-site weekend retreat, social and educational events, and enriching field trips and outings. As women who seek to share and spread God’s love, we try to reflect Christ’s love in AHCC, Hartford, and the greater world.

Women’s Prayer Groups
The Tuesday Prayer Group meets every Tuesday at 10am and the Thursday Prayer Group meets the first Thursday of the month at 7pm with the option of meeting in person or via Zoom (hybrid format).

Please see the calendar for more information on how to join or reach out to the church for more information. 

men's group

Men’s Fellowship

The AHCC Men’s Fellowship meets each month to laugh a lot, talk about almost anything except politics, have a great breakfast, and discuss the Bible passages that will be used in the next day’s service. There is no registration necessary to join and we welcome AHCC members and non-members alike.

For more information, please email Frank Virnelli.


Hill Quilters

The Hill Quilters meet regularly to design and lovingly create quilts that are donated to area agencies, new neighbors, or as gifts for other special occasions. The Quilters have done many projects around the church, including a beautiful set of paraments for the sanctuary.

To find out more, email Barbara Matthews.