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AHCC Roadmap 2024

Purple Sunrise

Nurture and Engage, Pursue Justice, Expand Our Impact

Our spiritual journey is taking us to inspiring places, some familiar and some new. To guide that journey, AHCC clergy, staff, and lay leadership have created AHCC Roadmap 2024. Our goal is to make a big, bold, positive impact on the world as we strive to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly as a compassionate church community with resources to share.

AHCC Roadmap 2024 has three primary components:

Nurture and Engage – Welcoming and nurturing an engaged, generous, thriving, inquiring, and diverse membership around the world, committed and seeking to grow our faith and our faith community.

Pursue Justice – Promoting, inspiring, and engaging with our neighbors in the work of justice and collaborative community development in our local area and becoming a catalyst for justice.

Expand Our Impact – Using all our resources – tangible and intangible, human and financial – to engage with and serve the world as a source and force of light, love, and justice to be recognized as a leader in positive, purposeful, and proactive Christianity.

We look forward to traveling this road with you.