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Thank You from Loaves and Fishes

AHCC has long been a supporter of the great work being done by local agency Loaves and Fishes. Your generous support of AHCC in turn allows AHCC to be generous to others. Thank you.

Dear Friends,

Thank you for the generous and affirming grant of $10,000 to Loaves and Fishes Ministries in support of programs which directly benefit our clients. This grant greatly impacts our ability to adapt our programs and move forward to address the constantly changing and growing client need. Our clients appreciate the quality of the meals we provide, and often remark on the obvious care that staff and volunteers take when here to serve them. Our larger Loaves & Fishes community sustains our clients with friendship, socialization, as well as with more concrete aid in the form of meals, pantry bags, backpacks for school children and holiday gifts for families, We have recently begun several new initiatives to increase the voices of stakeholders from all segments of our Loaves & Fishes larger community with the creation of both our Client and our Volunteer Advisory Boards. We are reaching those in need, volunteers are enjoying the chance to serve, and important voices are speaking up.

Our clients contribute to these supportive efforts as well, in both emotional and concrete ways. Clients often offer our daily blessing before the meal is served; many see this as a way to respect their faith as well as those present with them in the dining room. We have a regular diner who brings us her monthly contributions of salt and pepper shakers, sugar, and hot sauce for each table because her food stamp allotment has been increased and “to whom much has been given, much is expected.” 

Of course, prices are higher and supplies are lower, which underlines the importance our sustaining communities play in continuing our programs and our mission and the ongoing need for your always generous donations and other support. The simple fact is that we all need to live within a community, one that knows us, understands our needs, and helps us to meet those needs. Clients report an increase in their household food security thanks to our programs. Your donation makes all this possible.

We do better when we are connected. By working in a targeted and collaborative manner with partners in Asylum Hill and beyond, we are moving clients beyond food insecurity towards employment, housing, and more stable lives. We appreciate your commitment to our clients.

Thank you for making the difference.


Allison T. Hild
Executive Director