Boar's Head and Yule Log Festival

HOLD THE DATES: January 7-9, 2022 - The Annual Boar's Head & Yule Log Festival returns!

In the meantime, have you ever wondered what goes in to producing this magnificent festival every year? Thanks to Marcie Sener’s leadership, and with the help of the Boar’s Head Committee, you can find out! “Boar’s Head Backstage” showcases everything from pre-performance work such as how the casting and costuming happens, how the staging is assembled, how the choir, dancers and orchestra rehearse, to how the Angel is prepped. We’ll also highlight the fun and sometimes frenetic activities of the weekend itself such as how the make-up and hair dressing crews get the huge cast ready on time, how the ushers get everyone into the building and seated, how the animals are brought to the site and where they hang out when they’re not on stage, how the props crew manages to have everything in the right hands at the right time, how the cast management crew gets everyone lined up and in place, how the cookies, the punch and the sandwiches are made and served, and how all of this combined effort of more than 250 people is managed and coordinated.