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Lent Gone Wild

During Lent, Christians remember Jesus’ experience of being tempted in the desert for 40 days. That wilderness time was critical, as Jesus recognized more about who he was and discovered his authentic self.

This Lent, we invite you to consider the “wild” not as being a physical location, but instead consider “wild” as being untamed, authentic, and the truest versions of ourselves. What does it look like to live our most authentic and untamed lives? What is it that God is calling us to do, and who is God calling us to be? How can we discover this individually and as a community of faith?

Wild things do not settle for what is, but instead courageously reclaim what is truth.

Wild things follow an organic and not-always-predictable path.

Wild things do not apologize for who they are and are not overly accommodating at their own expense.

Wild things do not settle or blindly comply, even if it means letting go of what is familiar or safe.

Wild things dare to imagine the future, even in the face of death and loss of the familiar.

To embrace the “wild,” we must ask ourselves hard questions like, “Why am I not satisfied or happy with this?” and “Is there more than this?” and “What is real and true?”

You are invited to join this wild journey as we discover who we were made to be.