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Know and Be Known House Meetings

Watch for a series of Know and Be Known House Meetings to take place throughout the program year. Together with the Member Engagement Ministry Team, the GHIAA Core Team will be hosting a series of intimate gatherings to foster meaningful connections among us. The Know and Be Known House Meetings will provide an opportunity for us to listen, share and understand each other on a deeper level. The series will kick off with some of the existing ministry teams and affinity groups, including newer members as we go. If you are eager to join an early gathering, please reach out to Sandy Wood Forand at

 Why are we planning Know and Be Known House Meetings?

We often find ourselves wondering, “How well do we really know our church friends?” Whether you have collaborated on committees for years, exchanged smiles across the pew, or are a newcomer finding your place, these House Meetings will offer a chance to share who you are as close friends. These small gatherings, centered around a single prompt, will create a safe and friendly space for us to go deeper.  Plan to join us to help create new trusting relationships, building an ever-stronger church community of connection and love.

Our first prompt: “Tell us a story about an important part of your life that people at church might not know about.”