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Film and Forum: A Father’s Kaddish

In partnership with Congregation Beth Israel, AHCC will be welcoming film director/producer Jen Kaplan and the film’s central character, Steven Branfman, to offer a screening and forum on “A Father’s Kaddish.” 

In 2005, Jared Branfman died of brain cancer at the age of 23. A week after his death, his father, Steven Branfman, a potter and teacher, went into his studio, took some clay and made a chawan, a Japanese style tea bowl. Each day for a year, he made one chawan — the only pots he made. Steven’s daily chawan made at his wheel was his own personal kaddish (the traditional Jewish prayer of mourning). For nine years, these 365 bowls sat unfinished on shelves in his studio. One day, in the ninth year, he decided to glaze and fire these bowls, bringing them to life with color and sheen. 

A Father’s Kaddish is the personal story of a man who created an art form to honor his son and his son’s memory. This powerful film shows traditional and non-traditional ways for people to grieve. From one man’s poignant story at the intersection of love, art, and ritual comes a universal lesson for all who have experienced loss.  The program will be offered in-person as well as via livestream.  

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May 01 2022


11:30 am - 1:00 pm




Rev. Tracy Mehr-Muska