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From AHCC’s Climate Action Team: What to do with food scraps?

Did you know that food waste is a huge component of landfill waste – in CT, 22% of landfill waste is made of food scraps. Food scraps give off methane, a powerful greenhouse gas that contributes significantly to global warming.

There are things we can do to reduce the negative effects of food scraps in landfills.

· COMPOST FOOD SCRAPS (at home, at your town’s transfer station or through a service such as Blue Earth Compost

· Blue Earth Compost allows for composting of ALL FOOD SCRAPS of both residential and businesses and has curbside delivery. Food waste is converted to luscious bags of compost and to clean energy.

· URGE YOUR LEGISLATORS TO SUPPORT SB191, An Act Concerning Food Scrap Diversion from the Solid Waste Stream and the Redemption of Out-of-State Beverage Containers (Spring, 2024).

· To find your CT legislator:

We can answer many questions about composting at home and through Blue Earth. We would love to hear from you!