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Building Community One Piece at a Time

In an inspiring display of unity and spirit, members and friends of Asylum Hill Congregational Church are coming together to assemble a massive 60,000-piece puzzle. With winter bearing down on the Northeast, finding ways to be productive indoors can be hard, but the puzzle project is one way to live into the church’s annual theme, “To Know and Be Known.”

The project, initiated by Jack Pott, Director of Music and Arts, aims to foster a sense of togetherness and camaraderie among the church members. Filled with vibrant images of some of the globe’s most interesting places, What a Wonderful World” is hailed by its manufacturer as the world’s largest puzzle. Putting it together is a symbol of the diverse talents and unique contributions each member brings to the congregation.

The puzzle consists of sixty 1000-piece puzzle sections, each with their own guide map. When all 60 sections are completed, the assembled puzzle will measure 8’ x 29’. “Throughout 2024, there will be a table in a main gathering space of the church with a puzzle section on it. Anyone can participate in putting the featured section together – whether it’s on a Sunday morning before or after worship, or if they are in the building for a meeting,” said Pott.

Additionally, Senior Minister Erica Thompson is hosting several “Pizza and Puzzle Nights” during Lent where folks can participate on any of several sections that will be available. “The puzzle assembly serves as a metaphor for the church’s commitment to working together, piece by piece, to build a stronger, more connected community,” said Thompson. “Lent is often thought of as a time when Christians give something up as a way of mirroring the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness, alone. After the pandemic, a time when so many of us were forced into isolation, Lent is the perfect time to lean into community, a time for us to be together. And who doesn’t love pizza and puzzles?” The project provides a platform for fellowship, social interaction, and fostering new relationships within the church. Members from all age groups and backgrounds can find common ground as they work together toward a shared goal.

The completed puzzle will stand proudly at Asylum Hill Congregational Church serving as a visual representation of the unity and strength of the congregation. “We hope that this project will inspire other communities to embark on similar collaborative endeavors to strengthen their bond and build lasting connections,” added Pott.