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Asylum Hill Neighborhood Association

The Asylum Hill Neighborhood Association 

Mission Statement
The Mission of the Asylum Hill Neighborhood Association is to empower and connect residents and stakeholders to improve the quality of life in Asylum Hill. AHNA facilitates collaborations among residents and all other stakeholders (non-profits, churches, merchants, corporations, etc.) to improve the quality of life in Asylum Hill.

Program Description
AHNA holds monthly meetings for residents and stakeholders to gather and discuss ongoing efforts to address concerns. AHNA promotes better communication among our residents and stakeholders by delivering a monthly newsletter citywide through our partnership with the Hartford News and by email to our members. Our newsletter reports on neighborhood news, activities, events, and successes.

Another critical part of our work as the Neighborhood Revitalization group for Asylum Hill was the development of the Neighborhood Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan is used to set priorities in our neighborhood. A major part of our program in 2020-21 was to update the plan for Asylum Hill. This was accomplished through an inclusive process that engaged residents, churches, major employers and institutions, small businesses and non-profits.