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Jordan Bucey

Minister of Early Life

Jordan Bucey is the daughter of a minister, the sister of a minister, and the niece of a minister. It’s safe to say that the feel of parsonages and the pulse of sanctuaries are in her DNA. Her early life was in rural and suburban settings, but when it came time for high school her father was serving an inner city congregation in Cincinnati, a place where she felt fully at home.

Feeling the need to break out of the pressures and stereotypes that often go with being a PK (Preacher’s Kid), she left her family’s church and joined another church in the city. Her parents said only that she had to go to church somewhere. Consistent with her passion for music, it was at that time she was accepted by the city’s Performing Arts High School.

Following graduation from the University of Cincinnati, with a B.A. in Liberal Arts (Magna Cum Laude, 2014), Jordan attended Yale Divinity School, graduating in 2018, where she was voted Student Body President of the Yale Divinity School Student Council (2017-2018). 

While at Yale, she won the Charles S. Mersick Prize for “effective public address, especially in preaching” (YDS, 2017) and the Wolcott Calkins Prize for “excellence in clear and vigorous public speaking” (YDS, May 2018). Jordan was ordained into ministry on Sunday, October 23 at Asylum Hill Congregational Church.

Before seminary, while working as a youth minister, Jordan did community organizing, assisting families in getting access to resources and giving people a voice.

Jordan has two children, Malachi and Titus.