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Jermaine Woodard Jr.

When I think of home, I think of a place where there’s love overflowing …

I never dreamed that a professional vocal assignment such as section leader for a church choir would inspire me to matriculate into membership of that church. I guess I did partly manifest it though … for all the right reasons … I’ve always considered that a possibility.

As early as my first contracted rehearsal with the AHCC Sanctuary Choir in summer 2017, the idea of “joining the church” started ruminating in my brain. A lovingly persuasive nudge from a very active, staunch church member and leader came in 2019. That fall, after a few very convincing, vibrant, joy-filled, outstanding services, I made the easy decision to do it — to “do” life with AHCC — one of the most sound decisions I’ve ever made.

To say AHCC — this richly spiritual, loving, accepting, affirming, artistically-freeing, full-of-light, progressive body of people and members and leadership and ESPECIALLY clergy are the embodiment of “love overflowing” — would be an understatement. The decision to remain a member and devout section leader has been tested in various ways. And yet, the testimony still prevails — I continue to say “YES” to my people, my home, and to doing life with AHCC.