All are invited to receive the sacrament

An Open Table! At Asylum Hill Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, we believe the table is not ours, but Christ’s. Therefore, anyone wishing to know the presence of Christ and the community of God’s people is welcome to receive the sacrament, regardless of your denominational affiliation, church membership, or where you are on your faith journey. Communion is a joyful feast for all the people of God!

At the 9:00am service, we receive communion by intinction. You are invited to take a wafer, dip it into the cup, and consume it.

At the 10:15am service, communion is served by our deacons. The bread, which is served first, may be eaten when received. Please hold your communion cup until all are served so that we may partake together.

*Gluten free wafers are available.