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Step Up Step Out (SUSO) is a group of concerned members and friends who are dedicated to reducing violence by putting our faith into action. SUSO holds monthly meetings on Sundays after church and often features area experts and leaders on topics of non-violence.

On Saturday, October 8, SUSO hosted the community-wide "How We Can End our Pandemic of Gun Violence: A Conference for People of Faith & Conscience," and keynote speaker Rev. Jim Atwood preached from the pulpit of AHCC on Sunday, October 9. If you missed Rev. Jim Atwood's sermon, you listen to it here.

Below are some of the resources that were available at the event.
To see more about the events of the day:
What We Can Do About Gun Violence

The mission of Step Up, Step Out: End the Culture of Violence is to stand with and for victims of violence through education, outreach and advocacy to transform our society's culture of violence. As a community of faith, we will practice and promote nonviolence and loving our neighbors as ourselves.

SUSO members are stepping up and stepping out in numerous ways. We:

  • Learn from guest speakers whose organizations are working to reduce violence in Hartford or around the state and find ways to support their efforts
  • Host films with follow up discussion to educate the wider congregation about a variety of social justice issues related to violence
  • Support families who have lost a loved one to violence by attending Mothers United Against Violence prayer vigils when there is a murder in Hartford
  • Through the support of AHCC's Prayer Shawl Ministry, provide prayer shawls to families in Hartford when they lose a loved one to violence
  • Learn about and support the efforts of Connecticut Against Gun Violence and other advocacy groups working at the national level Participate in a variety of gatherings/networking opportunities with other organizations working to reduce violence with the goal of better coordinating our efforts
  • Participate in and support various interfaith services focused on the issue of violence in Connecticut
  • Advance nonviolence in the city by hosting a Kingian Nonviolence training conducted by the Connecticut Center for Nonviolence

SUSO holds monthly meetings on Sundays after church. All are welcome.


Nancy Kirchmyer
Posted: Jul 9 2018 - 2:04pm

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