Current News

Middle School Youth Group
Sundays, 10:15 – 11:30am  |  Youth Lounge & Youth Classroom

The purpose of our Middle School Youth Group is focused and simple: to provide tools to better understand faith in the context of everyday life. Our symbol for this semester is a three leaf clover: three heart-shaped leaflets that remind us “God is love, God is everywhere, God is with us.” We will be wrapping up this series with a three week emphasis on “God is with us,” tying it into the birth of Christ, Immanuel – God with us.

We are also laying the groundwork for future participation in High School Youth Group. We work toward those goals by:

Encouraging basic navigation skills regarding the Bible, Church, and spirituality.

Creating fun hang out opportunities to establish closer friendships with other “church kids” their age.Providing simple service opportunities to broaden their view of care for others.

Making sure they have fun in the process! 

What Can your Middle Schooler Expect on a Sunday morning?
Our usual format begins with a two minute explanation of what we are doing that day. Then we do an ice breaker game together. We follow with a 15 minute interactive lesson usually taught within the context of a team building game. After that, we take a few minutes to provide a simple way of being still with God (personal prayer). Then we do a 20 minute active game time. We wrap up with snack and hang out until parents come for pick up.

Note: We do include candy prizes and breakfast snacks, so if your child has allergy concerns, or if you have any other questions or concerns, please contact Tobey Aubert, Youth Director, at or 860.216.9835.

Confirmation Class
Sundays 5:30 – 6:45pm  |  Youth Classroom

The Confirmation program offers eighth graders an opportunity to explore their faith in a safe and supportive environment. Throughout the year, young people are challenged to consider their beliefs about Christianity, the Trinity, the Bible, and the Church. Through class participation, attendance in worship, visits to other faith institutions, service opportunities, reading, reflection, and prayer, it is our hope that together we will learn, and grow, and be transformed!

High School Youth Group
Sundays, 7:00 - 8:30pm  Youth Lounge

We have been developing Social Wellness and Spiritual Wellness: Section 1 focused on discovering our purpose and team building; Section 2 focused on action through service in the greater Hartford area; and Section 3 is focused on connecting our action and personal values with a Christmas emphasis.

We begin Section 3 in December. For three weeks we emphasize the power each teen has to change the lives of their peers through kindness. As they continue to move away from a “Me/Them” perspective to an “Us” perspective, opportunities to bring significant impact to their community will be seen and lives changed.

December 2, 9, and 18, we will be focusing on inspiring each other to unleash the power of kindness within us as we do special hang out activities with a fun Christmas theme!