Current News

by Rick and Karen Dibala

For over 15 years, we’ve driven 35 minutes on Sundays to attend church at AHCC, three of those years before we even joined as full members. Our friends asked: Why would you do that? Our answer: We have always felt inspired, motivated, challenged, and moved to grow spiritually and intellectually, not only by our pastors but by those we meet at AHCC.

Our church and its leaders have boldly and courageously spoken out about injustice, inequality, and immorality, and encouraged and supported us to go into the world and do the right thing. As we age, we value the efforts of our leaders to keep current with modern technology, balancing it with the traditional while recognizing the importance of attracting young people to church.

Opportunities abound to explore and expand our lives as Christians: teaching ESL to refugees; becoming active with violence prevention and standing up with victims of violence; learning to use a power tool and lay flooring to help victims of natural disasters or to assist church neighbors; listening to Sunday service when away or sick; singing with our exceptional choir; exploring the Bible, retirement opportunities, books, and social issues; getting to know people from different backgrounds, races, and sexual identities, and making treasured friendships. These are only some of the many opportunities for growth and fulfillment we have found at AHCC.

As we move forward, may we continue to “grow in faith and love as disciples of Jesus,” and remember that “loving God is loving each other.”