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by Terry Kelliher

I have been volunteering with AHCC’s Crisis Food Support Ministry since joining the church in 1996. At that time, new members were asked to support the church’s mission “to work for the increase in the love of God and neighbor in Jesus Christ through sharing, caring, outreach and worship.” I chose this ministry, as I had flexible hours and a van that could carry groceries. Of course, I didn’t know then that I would still find fulfillment in this ministry so many years and grocery trips later! I’ve always felt that giving money to help others is only one way to support 

AHCC’s ministries, giving your time is another, and is rewarding to both the giver and receiver.

Every time I make a food delivery, I am reminded about how my contribution impacts the lives of a family in my community. I feel God’s grace for the gifts I have been given and my ability to share those gifts. It’s a reminder that no matter what my troubles may be, I can help others. I’ll be honest, sometimes it’s not pretty or comfortable to go to someone’s home, but it’s always appreciated and rewarding for both giver and recipient. We all need a purpose to feel fulfilled, I found one in our Crisis Food Support Program. If you feel this ministry is somewhere that you can grow in faith and love as a disciple of Jesus, I invite you to give your time to others.