Current News

Asylum Hill Congregational Church’s vision states that we have a commitment to “growing Christians of today for the Church of tomorrow.” The core ministries that support this vision are worship, pastoral care, outreach, spiritual friendship, spiritual growth, and music and the arts. Together we can work toward making this vision a reality, but it will take all of us standing together and offering our gifts and talents in whatever way possible.

At this time, the trend in pledging does not match our ongoing commitments to this vision of growth and ministry. As of mid-December, 382 member households have pledged $857,500. This number represents approximately 47% of member households and is down from the $1.4 million pledged in previous years. If we intend to grow Christians today for the Church of tomorrow, we need to grow in pledges in order to draft a budget that supports our ministries.

The Stewardship Committee expresses deep gratitude to all who have pledged to support AHCC’s ministries this year. At this hope-filled time, we are asking all members to participate in supporting AHCC’s vision and ministries by prayerfully making a pledge now, in whatever amount they are able.

With our call to Reverend Erica Thompson to serve as senior minister, we stand on a threshold of new beginnings. In this moment, we can all joyfully recommit to our vision of faithful stewardship and service here at AHCC. Our pledge dollars are a tangible way of showing support for our vision of growth and the thrill of hope that surrounds our call to Rev. Thompson.

To make a pledge, log-in to the member portal at or contact Deb Holden ( 860.216.9833) to inform her of a pledge amount or request that a pledge card be mailed to you.