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During this shelter-at-home time, many of us are cleaning with extra energy, getting projects done at home with our extra hours, including sorting through attics, basements, closets, and garages for things we no longer need or want. Many of these “treasures” will be donated to AHCC Thrift Shop. 

In anticipation of a large number of donations when the church reopens, the Thrift Shop has some requests: 

1. Please label your bags and boxes and be as specific as possible: e.g. kids winter clothes, books, picture frames, trinkets, glasses, dishes, Christmas, etc. This helps us organize and prioritize sorting items. 

2. Please make sure to weed out things that we can’t sell. AHCC’s Thrift Shop is known for its high quality merchandise. We can’t accept or sell items that are broken, stained, torn, or worn out. We do not accept “self help,” educational/text books or outdated travel books. 

With your help, the AHCC Thrift Shop’s volunteers will have an easier time sorting through everyone’s donations and getting ready for business again!  

Thank you in advance for your continued support and help.