Current News

Although the Spirit Hill program year has been cut short, we want to thank our volunteer teachers and classroom helpers for the time and talent they provide to keep the program running – they are priceless to our Spirit Hill children. And to the childcare staff who dedicate every Sunday morning to teach and care for our youngest members, infant–preschool, you have been a gift. 

Teachers & classroom volunteers: Martin Magnusson, Nate Gibson, Shiji Isaac, Nancy Ford, Jen Asadow, Abby Charamut, Lisa Glowacki, Megan Delgado, Andrea Williams, Kim Lemkey, Chloe Horton, Carrie & Mike Stockman, Clare Taylor, Suzanne Essex, Marybeth Aucoin, Tom Donahue, Christie Davis, Jacquelyn Quin, Deidre Dyreson, Chris Ritacco, Tiffany Smetak-Scurr, Patti Beckett, Megan Mehr, Africka Hinds, Mali Ayala, Alison Sturm, Amber Berry, Valerie Jasinski, Caroline Glowacki, Dan Boucher, Kimberlea Chabot, Meghan Dausey, Gabrielle Essex, Kathryn Harding, Julie Cipes, Fatima Williams

Childcare Staff: Olivia Bishop, Michelle Duplin, Sam Feliciano, Mahogany McBride, Valerie Nunez, Makayla Duplin, Maurice Thomas, Chris Tinker