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Hymns: we will take a trip through the Book of Psalms

Hers: we will highlight contemporary hymns by women authors and poets 

The word psalm means sacred song or poem. In the Old Testament, the Book of Psalms is a collection of hymns that were sung by the ancient Israelites. The 150 psalms in the biblical canon were written by different authors, some as poems that were then set to music, others were composed by musicians. The psalms span the breadth of human emotions – from praise and thanksgiving to fear and anger.

Writers asked questions, poured out their adoration, and sometimes even got cranky and impatient with God. But that’s the beauty of poetry and music; there is room for full expression of our deepest selves as human beings. The worship team of AHCC is excited to share this exciting summer series, Hymns & Hers. Join us – and bring a beloved with you!

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