Current News

by John Avignone, Chair, Stewardship Committee

The Annual Stewardship Campaign (formerly the Every Member Canvass) is AHCC’s spring appeal for members to renew and convey their level of giving.

A goal of $1,158,072 in pledges was budgeted for the fiscal year of July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018. After Matt Laney’s departure, the transition underway, and its impact on membership and giving, the Administration & Finance Committee reduced the budgeted campaign pledge goal to $875,000, faithfully assuming that there would be some increase over the pledges made at that time. The difference of $283,072 ($1,158,072 - $875,000) was made up by taking a 5% draw from the endowment, carrying over the surplus from the previous year and applying special purpose funds. In October, the Diaconate voted to apply one special purpose endowment fund (restricted for church maintenance) and four unrestricted reserve funds. These four reserve funds are not part of the church endowment; they are residual funds set aside as surplus by various programs or budget lines over the course of many years for discretionary use in future years. Transferring these accounts not only resolves the potential deficit, but also enabled the Administration & Finance Committee to continue their work to meet the goal of discontinuing reserve accounts, folding ALL expenses and revenues into the budgeting process for a complete and accurate picture of AHCC’s finances.

As of February 2018, 373 member households pledged just over $865,000. As AHCC continues to receive pledges for the current fiscal year, we aim to meet and hopefully surpass the $875,000 pledge goal.

This spring will mark the return of the Annual Stewardship Campaign and pledge appeal. A campaign task force will prepare messages, activities and “cottage conversations” to engage members in how to advance our beloved church and support God’s work among us.

If you would like to join this effort or seek more information, please contact John Avignone, Stewardship Chair, at 860.543.9478 or or Deb Holden at or 860.216.9833.