Current News

In the spring, a bold and exciting decision was made by church leadership to hire two new full-time associate ministers, one to focus on early to mid-life, and the other to focus on the later phases of life, always looking for ways to collaborate, support, and create strong links across all ages and life stages. 

In late May, a group of twelve members, young and not so young, black and white, male and female, were gathered and charged by the Deacons with the task of searching for the two associate pastors to complete a three-person pastoral team led by AHCC’s newly called senior minister, Rev. Erica Thompson. Meeting five times over the summer, the Committee has reworked the all-important Church Profile, the document which puts the face of our church before clergy nationwide who are considering a pastoral move. The Church Profile tells the story of a bold and courageous congregation which has placed big bets at every juncture of its history. From the decision by 114 founding members to build a stunning Gothic-style cathedral capable of seating 800 to the decision to stay on the “hill” in the city when moving to the suburbs was far more the conventional wisdom. And now in that spirit, in a time of great change and decline in church attendance nationwide, another big bet is being placed to call a team of three full time, first-class clergy to lead us. Such a move is a testament to the faith and courage of a congregation which believes that God is still calling all the members of AHCC to continue doing God’s amazing work. This decision calls on all of us to embrace the spirit of a recent Sunday’s offertory, “You make all things new and I will follow you forward.” 

The Committee is putting the final touches on the Profile, gathering vital information such as the financial information of last year and budget projections. The completed Profile will be posted on the United Church of Christ Employment Opportunities website in early September. Informational updates with the committee were held in August, but if you have any questions about the process or the progress, feel free to contact any member of the Search Committee: Lynn Snyder and Gary DeLong, Co-Chairs; Thulani Davis, Booker DeVaughn, David Figliucci, Jim Grigsby, Africka Hinds, Kent Lee, Kathy Magnusson, Dan Tracy, Jane Torrey and Erica Thompson.