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Incoming Speaker of the House, Mr. Matt Ritter, nominated Rev. Thompson to serve as the House Chaplain for the CT State Legislature’s House of Representatives.

"As the House Chaplain, I will offer prayers and wisdom when called upon, and stand ready with a word of comfort or challenge, as a particular situation dictates," Rev. Thompson said. "It is a wonderful privilege to be asked to support the members of the House of Representatives in this way, as they go about the important business of leading and legislating for the State of Connecticut.

"This is a great honor," she added, "and I am grateful to Mr. Ritter for offering me the opportunity to serve in this new and exciting way."

May we all extend a word of congratulations and support to Rev. Thompson as she begins this endeavor by offering the prayer at the Opening Session.

Happy New Year one and all and may this season of Epiphany be filled with extraordinary light and a hope which leads us into 2021.