Current News

by Jane Torrey

As you may remember, the Lukelwa family of five arrived in Hartford from Burundi in November 2016. AHCC’s Resettlement Team assisted Catholic Charities in the family’s resettlement and has been in relationship with them since. We are happy to report that the family is doing well. Father, Hassan and mother, Alphonsine are working full time. Seiwa (12) and Gaboom (10) are excelling at the Global Communication Academy where they attend school. Seiwa, who aspires to be a doctor, was recently selected for a summer internship at the UConn Medical School, a program sponsored by UConn and Aetna, Inc. He was also one of the academy’s few students to receive an English Language Art and Community Volunteer award. Catherine (24) is now working as a CNA at St. Mary’s Home in West Hartford and is working on completing her high school diploma and learning to drive. She joined the church in the fall and was a member of the Boar’s Head cast. She is looking for affordable independent housing. Please contact Jane Torrey at or 860.232.2183 if you can provide or help her find housing.

The team’s volunteers continue to teach English language classes to refugees at Catholic Charities three days a week. Due to changes in refugee policy, no refugees are coming to Hartford this year so the classes are small but the students who come are hard-working and are making great progress.