Current News

Do you have any of these? During this time of transition, many of us do! Through Sacred Circles and Café Conversations, the clergy and deacons are working hard to create better connections between leaders and members. 

Responding to the concerns made known in the wake of Rev. Laney’s departure about a lack of information and transparency, the clergy and lay leaders are looking for ways for members to become more familiar with church leaders. Through research into how other churches have handled similar situations, we will be launching a Healthy Communications initiative beginning in January. Consisting of two parts – a designated deacon, available several Sundays each month during coffee hour, and a dedicated email address – the initiative is aimed at connecting members to information on topics ranging from church governance to how to reserve a room at AHCC for a meeting.

Did you hear a rumor about something at AHCC? Do you want to know why a certain decision was made or action taken? Do you need to correct a mistake in your giving record? Following worship on Sundays in January, a deacon will be in Drew Hall to help you with these types of questions – just look for the table with the balloons and sign, and introduce yourself! During your conversation, the deacon may have an answer for you, may direct you to someone with the answer, or may take your question/concern to someone and get back to you with the reply. 

Perhaps you are not able to spend time discussing your concern, or you want more privacy than Drew Hall provides. There will be a second option for you, a dedicated email address monitored by an appointed deacon. Each week, the assigned deacon will review the emails and provide answers in the same way as the deacons in Drew Hall. For both the coffee hour inquiry and the email inquiry, an appointed deacon will be responsible for conveying the nature of inquiries and responses to the Diaconate to ensure leaders’ awareness of issues to be addressed.

The Healthy Communications table will be set up for several Sundays each month, excluding Communion Sundays and holiday weekends. The email option is available 24/7 - watch the Sunday bulletin for the email address.