Current News

by Sally Tresselt and Sue Simonds

Monday. August 17th began a very hot week in Hartford, but for 122 of our Asylum Hill neighbors, AHCC was the “cool” place to be. Hartford area artists Anne Cubberly, LB Munoz, Elisabeth Moss and Erick Gonzales, joined 34 AHCC volunteers, as our neighborhood families spent the week creating costumes in celebration of the puppet parade theme, “Food, Glorious Food!” Costumes included a pineapple, an ice cream sandwich, a slice of blueberry pie, strawberry shortcake, pizza, cupcakes and a bucket of chicken, among other creative concoctions.
On Saturday, 13 volunteers served 450 pancakes and 18 pounds of bacon to the puppet project participants and then joined the parade to Sigourney Park led by the neighborhood drill team. It was a beautiful day and a glorious event. Special thanks to the artists and volunteers for making it such a great week for our neighborhood families, to the AHCC Thrift Shop, the Worship and Arts Committee and several individual donors for their financial support, and to CT 2-1-1 for providing our neighbors with information about local food pantries.
Next year’s theme is “My Favorite Book.” Who knows who we might see: maybe Dr. Seuss, Harry Potter or the Wimpy Kid? One of the goals will be to send every neighborhood child home with at least one age-appropriate book, so we’ll be looking for your gently used books as well as your recyclables. Please keep this in mind the next time you sort through your child’s book collection. And think about joining in on the fun next summer! Check out the pictures here.