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If you live in or have recently visited Hartford, you may have noticed how many city residents, especially youth, are not observing social distancing guidelines or wearing face masks. Perhaps they do not have adequate information about the importance of social distancing and wearing face masks or, often, they do not have access to face masks.  

How can you help? You can purchase and/or donate masks. One Connecticut company, Masks for Citizens, makes washable, reusable masks from hypoallergenic 3-ply cotton. For every mask purchased at $7.00, the company will donate a mask, and you can choose the type of organization to receive these masks (assisted living; homeless shelter; faith-based charity; hospital or clinic; first-responders, etc). There is a two-mask per order minimum. For more information, and to place an order, visit The order form allows you to send masks to a name and address other than the name and billing address for your credit card if you’d like to donate to a specific cause or charity. SUSO members are supporting MUAV, Mothers United Against Violence. 

Another way to help is by making face masks. If you have a sewing machine and materials, approved instructions can be found online. If you don’t sew but would like to donate supplies of fabric or elastic to someone who does, contact Karen Dibala at to coordinate a donation.