Current News

We are aware of the latest CDC guidelines and Governor Lamont’s lifting of COVID-19 safety protocol measures in CT as of May 19. Based on the advice of trusted medical advisors, AHCC will continue the practice of mask wearing & social distancing as we gather for worship and other church events (i.e. Community Meals, Family Worship Services, and Children & Youth programming). We will reassess after Father’s Day Sunday, June 20.

We recognize that for some of you this is disappointing. However, we encourage you to consider a couple of things:

  • The mask-wearing and social distancing is for our children and grandchildren. For the last 14 months the youngest among us have had adapt to an entirely new way of life. They have done it with grace & grit, and have shown us all what the Apostle Paul meant when he described love as “patient and kind.” Our children have been patient as they watched (and cheered us on) over the last several months as their elders, grandparents, parents, older siblings, teachers, coaches, doctors, and pastors have all had the opportunity to be vaccinated. Now it’s our time to be patient. It's our time to support our children, grandchildren, and their families as they navigate through the process of getting vaccinated.

  • We have two youth-focused Sundays coming up: on June 6, we will celebrate Confirmation Sunday for those young people who were ready to be confirmed at AHCC last year! And on June 13, we will be celebrating Baccalaureate Sunday, honoring our high school seniors. We will host these important celebrations in the sanctuary, surrounded by YOU, the community that means so much to them. And we want to make sure that the space is as safe as possible for them and everyone in their families.

Beloveds, it’s been a long year, but we know we can get through this together! We appreciate your steadfast love and your immense faith, and are asking that you take a deep breath, remember to be patient and kind, and if you are coming to AHCC in person mask up and uphold social distancing measures. 


Rev. Erica Thompson, Senior Minister
Pastor Jordan Rebholz, Minister of Early Life
Rev. Tracy Mehr-Muska, Minister of Mid-Later Life