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For over half a century, our church has been blessed with the presence of vocal section leaders. These professional singers have allowed our music program to maintain an enviable level of performance excellence in the region. They also provide essential vocal leadership and support for our amazing choir, and throughout the year you get to hear them sing as soloists in worship as well as in concerts. This month is our second installment highlighting the section leaders each of the four voice parts (soprano, alto, tenor, bass), so that you can get to know them better.  

Cynthia Wolcott, now in her third year as a section leader at AHCC, has been singing publicly since Cherub Choir days at the Free Methodist Church of Peoria, IL where her father was pastor. Having studied Music History at the University of Illinois, where she also received her Master of Library Science degree, she sang in Concert Choir, Madrigals and Graduate Chorale under the direction of Harold Decker. Shortly after moving east, she discovered the professional choir CONCORA where she sang for over 20 years. She also had the distinct joy of singing with CONCORA-To-Go, an outreach quartet, with none other than Jack Pott on tenor (of course!). And later, she was delighted to join Larry Allen’s Woodland Scholars, one of the musical highlights of her life. She has had the pleasure of singing under the direction of Robert Shaw, Dale Warland, Rene Clausen, Joe Jennings, Gregg Smith, and John Rutter, whom she also transported to the airport! After a diagnosis of kidney cancer in 2005, Cynthia changed her life: she became a certified yoga teacher and a certified life coach. Currently, she teaches 7 yoga classes a week, offers private yoga sessions and life coaching sessions, as well as working as a part-time reference librarian and professional singer. She takes great joy in the fine young men her 4 twenty-something sons have become, and is deeply fulfilled at being part of such a vibrant music program and church community at AHCC.

Favorite Time of Year: The first crisp autumn day when the sky is preternaturally blue, bluer than ever
Favorite Composer: Johann Sebastian Bac
Favorite Author: George Elio
Favorite Dessert: Pecan Pie Bars from Happy Belly Hudso
Desert Island CD: Bach Solo Cello Suites played by Dutch cellist Pieter Wispelwey

Traci Christiansen Keen has sung in the AHCC sanctuary choir since 2004 and has been an alto section leader since 2006. She considers her years with our choir to be tremendous blessings – full of musical growth, friendships, and the opportunity to praise God in song! Her love of choral music began as a kindergartener in the West Hartford public schools and was fostered throughout her schooling. Also an experienced musical theater performer, Traci enjoys producing and performing in an annual fundraising musical revue in Manchester and has raised thousands of dollars to support the Mothers of Preschoolers program which was so instrumental while raising her daughters, Caroline and Harper. Traci and her husband Jonathan live in Glastonbury with their girls.

Favorite time of year? Summer (if I can be constantly in and around water) and Autumn (because I love sweater weather)
Favorite composer? Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim
Favorite author? Richard Russo
Favorite dessert? Chocolate anything
Desert Island CD? Dave Brubeck - Take Five