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David Figliuzzi

David spent his teenage years in church. Raised as a Pentecostal, he had a close circle of friends from church and was very busy in music programs, playing piano in church services, and youth rallies around New England. As a young adult, he found the Pentecostal tradition too narrow as his theology expanded. After years of being away from the church, he first came to AHCC to attend a jazz concert. He was moved by the welcome that all people were invited to participate here. As he said, “... after my first service I knew that I had found the inclusive faith community I had been missing.”

Part of his faith journey came from his first job. As a recent college grad, he worked in the hospitality industry which was starting to develop the concept that brand loyalty was important and that customer experience was key to developing loyalty. From this, he was reminded that “Whoever we are, whatever we do, we are more alike than we are different and there is value in all types of work.”

As Vice Moderator, David hopes to not only focus on the “business” aspects of managing the church, but also on the faith side; that we all grow in faith and our commitment to one another. “We can’t let the ‘busy-ness’ of running the church move us away from the business of being God’s church!”

During his term as Moderator, David wants to continue this approach and he prays that we will ”grow in all the ways that church can grow – attendance, outreach, engagement of current members and addition of new members, and in our faith and commitment.”

David concluded by saying, “I’m excited to be serving in this capacity. I believe that God can do extraordinary things through ordinary people, and we are in a time where being on the side-lines is not enough!”