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In the age of texts, tweets and email, it seems as though letter-writing has become a lost art. This fall, we will revive this powerful and intimate communication method as a way to grow and explore our faith.

After all, the earliest writings in the New Testament are Paul’s letters to the churches he founded, enabling the Christian faith to begin its universal reach. Paul’s letters expressed personal feelings, new ways of experiencing the faith, advice about conflicts, and often an appeal for financial support. Most were written before the gospels, but like the words of Jesus, they offer the 21st Century Church remarkably helpful guidance.

Beginning Sunday, September 17, our worship series will explore Paul’s and other significant letters that speak to the issues of this time in our congregation, our country and the world. And, we will be inviting you to consider writing letters to our church in the spirit of Paul, to share your hopes, frustrations, dreams, and faith, just as he did so long ago. 

We are excited about the coming worship season and the possibilities it offers to deepen our faith and strengthen our church. We hope you’ll join us!