Current News

All are welcome and encouraged to attend a house meeting. At each House Meeting, some in-person, some virtual, 7-8 participants will gather to (1) get to know each other better, and (2) discover what issues members of this congregation are most concerned about. GHIAA staff will examine themes emerging from these conversations and those of other congregations to help choose the issues for collective action in 2022.

AHCC is one of the 48 member congregations of GHIAA (Greater Hartford Interfaith Action Alliance), a faith-based collective which has tackled – and helped solve – a range of social issues in our city and state, including the eviction of several absentee landlords who had allowed unlivable conditions in their buildings, legislation to eliminate most welfare liens in CT, and legislation to erase certain criminal records after a period of years in order to allow returning citizens to find work and housing.

Our community partner, the Asylum Hill Neighborhood Association (AHNA), has a new strategic plan which identifies a number of goals for the Asylum Hill neighborhood which include public safety, economic development, jobs, youth opportunities and “greening” the local environment. Some of these issues may figure in the discussions at these house meetings.  If you are interested in participating in one of these meetings or have questions, please contact Jane Torrey;, 860.794.1366.