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Postcard Project
Do you want to join an initiative to help get out the vote for the 2020 election cycle?  Well we’ve got just thing … and guess what? In these days of COVID-19, you can participate from the safety of your very own home. 

The Center for Common Ground is running a non-partisan campaign called Reclaim Our Vote (ROV). ROV is a postcard project that works primarily in states where there is concern around voter suppression. 

It’s easy, safe, and all the supplies will be provided for you. 

Sunday Dinners
As many of you know, Sunday Dinners are happening in our church’s parking lot throughout the month of August from 3-5PM. At the last couple of dinners there have been representatives from the 2020 Census and the Hartford Registry of Voters. If you would like to volunteer to staff the voter registration table, please contact:

Marie Dalton-Meyer -
Kathleen Graham -
Jane Torrey - 

We are moving into the future together …
Doing Justice, Loving Mercy, and Walking Humbly with God. (Micah 6:8)