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When a Las Vegas casino mogul sought to build a casino in Hartford in 1993, a coalition of Hartford area ministers were going to use their pulpits to express their opposition. A young reporter at The Hartford Courant at that time, Luz was assigned to interview the Rev. Jim Kidd at AHCC. Jim greeted her with a warm smile and a hearty handshake. After sharing many stories about his ministry and a tour of the church, he invited Luz to attend worship. 

When she returned, Luz was moved to hear Jim share his heartache about the difficult relationship with his sister. “As I listened to his story, I wondered how a man of faith could expose his pain so openly,” Luz recalled.  “My heart ached for him.” 

But then, Jim shared this: “The good news is that God still loves us.” God loved Jim, and God loves me. God’s love is abundant. And, God forgives. Luz left the service with new hope – knowing that she needed to come back. On that day in 1993, she discovered that God was still speaking. 

Since then – nearly 24 years ago – Luz has left journalism for public education.  She and Michael married at AHCC.  Both of their children were baptized here.  

“This church has walked with us through the seasons of life, comforting us through the death of my mother, Michael’s mother and his brothers and sister, and through illness,” Luz adds. “God spoke to our children through their Spirit Hill experiences by nurturing their faith, inspiring them to Be the Church.” And as she watched her daughter prepare for Confirmation Sunday, Luz couldn’t help but think, God IS still speaking.  Thanks be to God.