Current News

Last spring, in response to a request during Vision Weekend for more information about volunteer opportunities to help our neighbors, the Outreach Committee created a Faith in Action brochure. The brochure gave pertinent information on 21 of our community partners and listed a variety of available volunteer opportunities for each agency, along with detailed contact information. In late September, an electronic survey was sent to the congregation with five short questions about the brochure. Below are the results:

Question #1 was answered by 95 individuals. Most of those respondents (69.47%) were not aware that the Outreach Committee had published a Faith in Action brochure.

Question #2 was answered by 70 individuals; 81.43% found the listing of 21 of AHCC’s community partners informative.

Question #3 was answered by 72 individuals; 63.89% were somewhat aware of the church’s Outreach Ministry with the 21 agencies listed.

Question #4 was answered by 72 individuals; 77.78% found the brochure gave enough information about the available volunteer opportunities that exist at those agencies.

Questions #5 was answered by 23 individuals. Out of that number, 9 indicated that they called an agency and were going to volunteer.

The Outreach Committee values your written comments and thanks you for your participation. Faith in Action brochures are available in Drew Hall or ask Rev. Mia Douglas for one.