Current News

by Carol Pinkston

For many years, I wondered why it was such a big deal to ask for “homemade” cookies for the Boar’s Head receptions. I mean, cookies are cookies – flour, butter and sugar, whether mixed by hand or commercially. And with all those people pressed in Drew Hall, who really knows the difference, right? Well, after volunteering at the receptions for the past few years, I will tell you that I WAS WRONG. You should hear the comments from our guests of all ages – comments about the shapes, colors, flavors of the cookies. Young and old stand and pick out the specific ones that catch their eyes. Last year, two women told me they look forward to the reception each year because they love to see the cookie spread.

I write this because your efforts to bring in homemade cookies really do make a difference. They are noticed, appreciated, and truly enjoyed.

If you can donate cookies for the Boar’s Head reception, please place them in a tightly sealed freezer bag or in a container,* and drop them off in the kitchen any time in December. Or, freeze them at home and bring them with you to the performance. Also, gluten-free cookies have become a crowd favorite so we greatly accept those as well. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Carol Pinkston ( or Lorrie Kellogg ( Thank you so much.

*If you want your container returned, just make sure your name is on it. Containers will be available beginning Monday, January 7.