Current News

Over the last 40 years, ConnectiKids has been able to support over 10,000 students. Each year, we bring together over 250 volunteers and 250 students to develop caring mentoring relationships that support children both academically and emotionally. Students are provided with homework help, reading support, free books to take home and quality time with a caring adult. Students also receive an additional day of arts and enrichment programing where they participate in cooking classes, visual arts and dance projects, and STEM experiences. Finally, students can join us during the summer for an intensive, theme based, academically supportive, fun and engaging program. We also engage parents through family field trips, family dinners, parent workshops, holiday celebrations and annual showcase events. To honor this legacy, our goal is to have 400 supporters donate $40 each over the course of the year.

ConnectiKids is being honored by The Scribe’s Institute at their Dr. Martin Luther King Literacy and Learning Gala, where we will receive the Oprah Winfrey Award for Leadership & Exposure. This event is the staple event for the year in which The Scribe’s Institute honors leaders, visionaries, educators, and key businesses for efforts in connecting with and making our urban communities a better place. ConnectiKids is being honored due to their tireless commitment to enabling children in Connecticut to experience opportunities that they otherwise may not have experienced. The event will be held at The Hartford Marriott, 200 Columbus Blvd, Hartford, CT on Sunday, January 20, 2019 beginning at 7:00 P.M. Tickets can be purchased on or you can call 860.595.3797.