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On January 13 ushers, greeters, friendly flower deliverers, Hospitality Committee members, caring ministers and selected staff were part of a training session led by AHCC member Candace Low. “Building a Longer Table” was focused on learning about current disability facts, best practices, and discussed appropriate language and disabling theologies verses a theology of accessibility. With warmth and humor, Candace led us beyond the fear of doing things right or wrong, to creativity, where we were able to brainstorm multiple solutions to various barriers. We were gently reminded that all of us spend some part of our lives “disabled” and that all of us have obstacles to overcome. Rather than seeing some people as disabled, we are learning to shift the focus to seeing everyone as gifted.

Candace has been an advocate for disability rights and a trainer on disability and independent-living-related issues for over 40 years. She is past president of the Americans with Disabilities Act Coalition (ADAAC) of CT and serves on a variety for committees and task forces to initiate systems change and improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.