Current News

On Sunday, May 23, Francis Vincent and Brent Robertson spoke in worship about a major new initiative that is under way as part of AHCC 2024:  Strategic Priorities for the Future. A task force headed by Brent and Jim Grigsby has been formed to shape the AHCC Neighborhood Vision. The task force is imagining a future in which every member of our church and every resident of the Asylum Hill community are working together to create opportunities for building relationships and providing unwavering support that focuses on improving conditions for all of us who live in and care deeply about the community.

The members of this task force, in addition to Brent and Jim, are Ted Carroll, Abby Charamut, Sarah DiCorpo, Sandy Wood Forand, Nancy Kirchmyer, Paul O’Mara and Jermaine Woodard. The first work of the task force will be to reach out to the membership of AHCC to engage a broad range of support from as many of you as are called to this ministry. Then together we will engage the residents, the leaders and social agencies who are at work in the Asylum Hill community to determine the needs of the residents that we can best address. This process of building new relationships beyond our walls will develop and grow in the months and years to come, but to get us started, over the next few weeks, you may receive a phone call or an email message. Over the next few weeks you may receive a phone call or an email message to provide more information about how you can become part of this initiative and you will be also be asked to respond to a survey that does the same.

Together we will seek ways for AHCC to become a catalyst for justice in the Asylum Hill Community.