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Tobey Aubert has spent 13 years working with children, teens and parents in a variety of faith-based initiatives as a credentialed minister. He has specialized in mentoring and leadership development for teens and young adults, and has been active in his local community in promoting support of school readiness initiatives for children through non-profits and town programs.

Tobey has done extensive research on spiritual formation for various Christian faith communities. His particular line of study emphasizes accessibility and simplicity for everyday folks using a common thread of spiritual practice throughout Christian history, along with his unique life experience and analysis in many social and economic backgrounds. Tobey has developed a ministry model that emphasizes faith in the home by empowering families with practical tools to pursue a spiritual path in everyday life.

As a contemplative Christian, Tobey has been able to fully embrace the core of his faith tradition while recognizing the positive commonalities in other faith traditions. He has a Bachelors in Bible. He is pursuing a Master of Arts in Interfaith Action to enhance his skills and perception in dialogue, mediation, and social activism within diverse religious situations.

Tobey’s Personal notes:
I have three sons who are way cooler than me. I call my wife Wonder Woman – because she is. The New England seacoast is my happy place. I am a Tolkien nerd. Simon Sinek is my current favorite leadership guru. I was a modern rock drummer. I have sung Frank Sinatra tunes for special events. I’m getting into “chill surfer rock.” I love trees. I make a rich cappuccino, but my latte art needs work. Hope is my anthem.