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The year 2020 has definitely been "different," and we are preparing to celebrate the sacred season of Advent in different and creative ways too. One of the exciting offerings is Advent in a Box. 

What is Advent in a Box?

  • It's a box filled with all the sensations of the season to help you delight in the familiar sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and feelings of this time of year. 
  •   It's a box filled with activities that will be meaningful to the young and the young at heart.
  •   It's a box to help you engage in the rituals and traditions that have been important to Christians throughout the years. 
  •   It's a box that will connect you to your family of faith, even across the distance this year brings.  

How do you get one of these boxes? Click here to reserve your FREE Advent in a Box. The Advent elves are hard at work preparing enough boxes for 200 families. Boxes will be available for pick-up at church starting Sunday, November 22 through November 29 (the first Sunday of Advent).