Current News

Because March marks a full year since the pandemic lockdowns began in Connecticut and elsewhere around the world, many of us have been reflecting on our experiences during this time period, and on the many new worries and challenges – as well as a few silver linings – that have become part of our daily lives. In my own reflections, the stability and consistency of AHCC in my life stands out, and I pause to think of all that we at AHCC have done together in the past year. 

What I find most personally reassuring is that we have stayed together, strong and faithful, week in and week out. From livestream services to parking lot services, from zoom committee calls to walks in the park with fellow church members, from the inspirational Advent boxes to the opportunity to participate in Sunday community meals, from new AHCC friendships made to long-time AHCC friendships nurtured, and so much more, we have remained in relationship with each other. We have continued living our values, supporting and learning from each other and our community, without any interruption or slow-down in the pandemic. 

As Moderator, I can also tell you that members of the church’s lay leadership, working with our clergy and staff, have been busy in this pandemic year. We are working on so many exciting initiatives. Later this spring, you will hear more about our mapping out of strategic priorities for the next several years, and you will see some changes to the ways we bring new members into the church. The thrift shop is being revamped, and we are working on a more coordinated plan for achieving financial health and growth. We have focused on increasing collaboration between committees where it makes sense to do so, and the Diaconate spends time every month focusing on an aspect of the church’s justice-related work. Our many committees have worked with clergy and staff to present tremendous and well-attended programming, too numerous to list, but including the recent virtual arts and spirituality retreat, and an array of thought-provoking speakers and discussion groups. I hope you have been able to participate in at least some of these offerings. 

I look forward to moving past this one-year milestone, and especially to seeing you again in person when we can safely gather. 

Tory Chavey, Moderator