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At AHCC, we take seriously Jesus’ words to “love your neighbor as yourself.” One of the joys of being in a community of faith is that we can put our faith into action in ways that we can’t accomplish individually, and together, we can do great things. In 2018, AHCC donated $208,224 to area organizations and neighborhood efforts through our Outreach grants.

During the month of February, Revs. Erica Thompson and Mia Douglas led a worship series that set forth a new vision for AHCC. Working from our Mission Statement of “Helping people grow in faith and love as disciples of Jesus,” to the next step, our vision focuses on Inquiry, Acceptance, and Impact.

February Worship Series unwraps findings of Membership Growth Task Force

In its sixteenth year, the Hill Quilters is a group of about 12 members who enjoy working with fabric. All the creations (quilts, comfort pillows, etc.) are made from donated fabric and all are given to agencies in the Hartford community and beyond.

On January 13 ushers, greeters, friendly flower deliverers, Hospitality Committee members, caring ministers and selected staff were part of a training session led by AHCC member Candace Low. “Building a Longer Table” was focused on learning about current disability facts, best practices, and discussed appropriate language and disabling theologies verses a theology of accessibility.