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On January 13 ushers, greeters, friendly flower deliverers, Hospitality Committee members, caring ministers and selected staff were part of a training session led by AHCC member Candace Low. “Building a Longer Table” was focused on learning about current disability facts, best practices, and discussed appropriate language and disabling theologies verses a theology of accessibility.

Sunday, Feb. 3 – Thursday, Feb. 7

Thank you for making the 52nd Boar’s Head and Yule Log Festival a smashing success!

As of Friday, January 11, I will be out of the office, disconnected from technology, and stepping away from my pastoral duties at the church for two weeks. The reason for this short break is two-fold:

If you’re a teen at AHCC, how do you learn the importance and reward of giving and supporting the church and organizations in the community that we lift up?

For the high school members of AHCC’s Youth Ministry, one way is through a series of service projects that provided great opportunities to use their time and talents.